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Welcome   to   Fuchsia   Flower.    The   starting   place      for   the newcomer   to   fuchsias.   In   the   Fuchsia   Cultivation   menu you    will    find    all    you    need    to    make    the    best    of    your fuchsias   with   plain,   simple   advice   along   with   plenty   of photos,   Please   feel   free   to   send   any   queries   on   your fuchsia   growing,   these   will   be   added   to   the   Question   & Answers page for other growers to benefit from. Please    take    a    couple    of    minutes    to    click    on    the button    on    the    bottom    right    and    send    me    your Feedback/Queries/Messages. Thank you. (If    you    cannot    see    the    button    then    please    allow Blocked Content in your browser) .
Lancaster, Morecambe & District Fuchsia Society Lancaster, Morecambe & District Fuchsia Society
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Fuchsia Flower. All you need to know about fuchsias
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Here   in   the   U.K   Winter   has   been   very   kind   up   to   now   but any   plants   stored   away   still   need   checking.   If   you   are   not sure   how   then   have   a   look   at   the   Over   Wintering    page   or drop me a message using the Contact Me Here tab.