Everything      regarding      cultivation. Produced    and    available    from    the B.F.S
Considered    by    many    to    be    the bible   for   the   search   for   fuchsias, but fast becoming out of date.
A   book   from   one   of   the   country's   top   growers,   all   explained   in   simple terms, including how to grow using his multi plant method
The   author   pictured   with   'Cambridge   Louie'   -   a   supreme   example   of   the multi plant method using 5 cuttings. Now available from the B.F.S.
John        Porter's        considered history     of     the     fuchsia,     very good reading.
A    very    good    book    full    of    photos    explaining everything    from    taking    cuttings    to    displaying your fuchsias by Carol Gubler.
A    very    informative    book    with    an excellent      chapter      on      problem identification      and      remedy.      By Edwin Goulding
Another        excellent        book accompanied    by    over    140 colour     plates     and     70     line drawings.
An    historical    checklist    of    fuchsia species    &    cultivars    pre-1939    by Eric   Johns.   Also   available   through the B.F.S.
Excellent   hand   drawn   illustrations   even   the camera   cannot   catch.   Hard   to   come   by   but Volumes   I,   II,   III   &   V   may   be   found   on EBay.
There are numerous books available on growing fuchsias. These are just some that I recommend.
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