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Welcome to Fuchsia Flower. The starting place  for the  newcomer to fuchsias. In the Fuchsia Cultivation menu  you will find all you need to make the best of your  fuchsias with plain, simple advice along with plenty of  photos, Please feel free to send any queries on your  fuchsia growing, these will be added to the Question &  Answers page for other growers to benefit from. Please take a couple of minutes to click on the  button on the bottom right and send me your  Feedback/Queries/Messages. Thank you. (If you cannot see the button then please allow  Blocked Content in your browser).
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  • Barbara Reynolds
  • Gillian Anthea
  • Barbara Windsor
  • James Bamber
  • Claudia
  • Bertha Gadsby
  • Helen Elizabeth
  • Hawaiian Sunset
  • Insulinde
  • Cascade
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Here in the U.K we are still suffering from some cold  winds so keep your fuchsias and bedding plants under  cover for now. Some varieties of fuchsias dislike cold  winds and will show their displeasure by turning their  leaves a dark red colour  
Fuchsia Gall Mite More cases have been reported this year mainly in the South & West on the coasts. The British Fuchsia Society are tracking cases, so please keep a look out on your own and neighbours plants. if you suspect cases then contact with the post code. To see just what it looks like go to