Fuchsia Questions & Answers Through the Contact Page I am often asked fuchsia related questions and some of the answers are not always covered on this web site (or anywhere else for that matter) so here we go with a Questions & Answers page. Keep your questions coming in and I will add them to help others on their way. Q. Can you buy fuchsia compost ? Q. When can my fuchsias go outside ? Q. What are those black pods left behind after the flower falls off. Are they seed pods and can I do anything with them? Q. Why has my fuchsia stopped flowering?/ Will my fuchsia flower twice? Q. Can I use fuchsias as cut flowers? Q. Do the new fuchsia cultivars ‘Lady Boothby’ and ‘Lady In Black’ really climb? Q. Can I move a hardy fuchsia in the garden? Q. What are the white powdery marks on the leaves of my fuchsias in pots? Q. Can I take hardwood cuttings from fuchsias? Q. Can I have a fuchsia named and what would it cost? Q. Why do buds keep dropping off my fuchsias? Q. Can I grow fuchsias in the house? Q. Why do the leaves on my fuchsia turn yellow and blotchy and then drop off? Q. I’ve overwintered my fuchsias but they are leggy, can I take cuttings from them? Q. When do fuchsias flower and how long does a flower last? Q. How long will a fuchsia live for? Q. When is the best time to buy fuchsia cuttings? Q. Are double flowered fuchsia cuttings different than single flowered ones? Q. How do you know when a fuchsia cutting has roots? Q. Should I feed fuchsia cuttings? Q. Can I wash rust off the leaves ? Q. Why are some leaves turning a coppery or black colour ? Q. How can I tell if my fuchsias are alive after winter ? Click on a question - Click anywhere on the page to close it