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Lancaster, Morecambe & District Fuchsia Society
Established 1988 Affiliated to The British Fuchsia Society, The North West Fuchsia Societies
The Society meets on the third Monday in the month at the Lansil Sports & Social Club Caton Road, Lancaster
The   Society's   aim   is   to   encourage   and   promote   the   cultivation   of   the   fuchsia   and,   obviously,   most   of   the   meetings   are   geared   towards   this   with   guest speakers   giving   talks,   demonstrations   and   slide   shows   on   a   wide   range   of   subjects   on   fuchsia   growing.   To   avoid   this   becoming   too   monotonous   we   do invite   speakers   from   other   fields   of   horticulture   to   talk   on   their   own   particular   speciality   from   time   to   time.   We   also   organise   a   coach   trip   in   early   Spring to   various   fuchsia   nurseries   to   enable   members   to   stock   up   for   the   summer   and   to   obtain   varieties   not   found   locally. A   bonus   to   becoming   a   member   is, of   course,   the   many   friends   to   be   made,   not   just   in   this   Society   but   throughout   the   North   West.   A   number   of   our   members   have   made   their   mark   in showing   and   travel   to   other   Societies   to   do   so,   which   gives   them   a   chance   to   catch   up   with   acquaintances.   Whether   you   grow   fuchsias   purely   for   your own   pleasure   or   have   a   secret   desire   to   show,   then   you   will   be   made   more   than   welcome   at   our   next   meeting.   Please   come   along   and   try   us   out,   there will be no pressure on you to join. If you do it will cost you just £5.00- single or £8.00 - double per year. That can't be bad. For more information contact the Secretary - Glenys Dennison, Tel No 01524 417710
32nd Annual Show 2022 The 32nd Annual Show takes place at Overton Memorial Hall, Middleton Road, Overton, LA3 3HB on Sunday 7th August, 2022 Open to the public at 12.30pm until 4.30pm The show consists of 44 classes most of which are open classes (anyone can enter), Plant Sales, Tombola, Craft Stall, Cultural Advice and Refreshments Show Schedules will be available from Bob Boan Mob Tel. 0797 955 2426 Schedule of Classes Novice Classes 1 Six flowers, any cultivars. On a board 2* One pot, any cultivar. 5/5¼" Max 3* One pot, any cultivar. 3½" 4* One pot, any cultivar 6½" Max Intermediate Classes 5* One pot, any cultivar. 3½" 6* One pot, single/semi double cultivar. 5/5¼" Max 7* One pot, any cultivar. Any Size Pot. Open Classes 8 Six single/semi double flowers, any cultivar/s. On a Board 9 Six double flowers, any cultivar/s. On a Board 10* One pot, any cultivar. 3½" 11* One pot, any cultivar. 4" 12* One pot, single/semi double cultivar. 5"/5¼" 13* One pot, double cultivar. 5"/5¼" 14* One pot, single/semi double cultivar. 6"/6½" 15* One pot, double cultivar. 6"/6½" 16* One pot, Ornamental Foliage cultivar. 6½" Max 17* One pot of a species including sub-species or           variants but excluding Encliandra types. 8½" Max 18* One pot, Encliandra type. 8½" Max 19* One pot, Triphylla type. 6½" Max 20* One pot, Triphylla type. 10¼" Max 21* Three pots, shown as one entry. 3½" 22* Three pots, shown as one entry.            4",5/5¼",6/6½" 23* Three pots, shown as one entry. 5/5¼" 24* Two pots of the same cultivar, to be judged as            a matching pair of flowering plants.           5¼ " Max 25 Three branches. In a vase. 26 One pot, any cultivar/s any manner of training           other than a bush, shrub or standard. 8½" Max 27* One pot of fuchsia/s, A catch all class.           See definition M on page 6.                        Any Size Pot 28 One plant, mini standard. 5¼" Max. 29 A fuchsia or fuchsias, grown in a bonsai style. Must be in an appropriate bonsai container. See definition N on page 6. 30 One pot, any cultivar. Any Size Pot 31 One full basket, one or more plants, diameter of basket not to exceed 16". 32 One half basket, one or more plants, diameter of basket not to exceed 16". 33 One hanging pot of fuchsias only, one or more plants. 6/6½" 34 One hanging pot of fuchsias only, one or more plants.          Min 8" Max 10" 35 One standard or half standard.   Any Size Pot 36 One quarter standard.    Any Size Pot Members Only Classes 37 Novelty Class - Pot or unusual container staged with accessories to depict the name of the fuchsia.. Staged within an area of                                          18"x18"x18" 38* One pot, hardy cultivar as defined in the British Fuchsia Society hardy list. Any Size Pot 39* One pot, any cultivar. 4" 40 One patio container, excluding troughs,  any cultivar/s & number of plants. 41* A seedling bred and shown by a member to be judged on its flower. 42* One pot, any cultivar grown in a more natural form. 6½" Max Non Fuchsia 43 A flowering plant other than a fuchsia. 6" Max 44 A plant grown for its foliage other than a fuchsia. 8½" Max
2022 PROGRAMME  January.  21st February.  The Owl Sanctuary from Barrow will be coming along with some of their birds. 21st  March.  Chris Nightingale will talk on growing and showing various flowers. 25th   April.          Our   ever   popular   Corners   Evening.   Topics   to   be   announced.   Please   note   this   the   fourth   Monday   in   the   month   and   not our usual third. 16th  May.  Tim Smith will talk un Summer Tubs.. 20th June.   A return visit from Eric Coupland who will give his usual excellent talk on growing Fuchsias. 18th July. Steve Halliwell will give a talk on the Holker and Barrow Peninsula. 15th   August.         Mini   Show   -   where   members,   reluctant   to   enter   the   main   show,   get   an   opportunity   to   show   off   their   plants   and have   any   faults   or   tips   for   improvement   pointed   out   in   a   friendly   way.      Including   a   class   for   a   hat,   decorated   not   with   fuchsias,   but so as to represent the name of a fuchsia. 19th September. Annual General Meeting followed by a quiz.  Do please try and attend. 15th October . To Be Confirmed. 21st November.  A return visit from either Anita or Diane from Avant Garden Centre who will give a talk on Festive Containers. December.  No Meeting